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1. Is flight training safe?

Yes! The advantage of learning to fly at Endeavour Flight Training is our commitment to providing our students with excellent quality in every aspect of their training. We offer newer, better maintained aircraft than the competition and our instructors are held to the high standards required by Cessna Pilot Centers. Not only is the Cessna 172 the world's most popular training aircraft, it is widely considered to be one of the safest. This is due to the built-in stability features that are standard in Cessna 172s.

2. What Can I expect when I begin my Private Pilot training?

Your Introductory Flight: If you are not sure whether flying is for you, why not try an introductory flight? This easy, relaxing and informative flight enables you to experience the adventure and liberation that comes with being a pilot. Once in the air, you will take the controls as you fly over lovely Miami Beach. Your instructor will answer any questions you may have during this one-hour flight.

The Solo Phase: During this phase you will become familiar with flying through your Computer Based Instruction CD-Rom, which comes in your Private Pilot Kit. In addition, you will begin flight training in maneuvers, take-offs and landings and emergency procedures. The goal of this phase is to achieve the highest safety when you make your first solo flight.

The Cross Country Phase: During this phase you will learn basic and advanced navigation, including weather awareness, and how to plan a cross-country flight. You will complete dual and solo cross-country flights around South Florida. This phase also includes night flight training. At the end of this phase, you will complete the FAA written exam, which tests your knowledge based on standards outlined in the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Preparation for the Flight Test (Check-Ride): During this final phase, you and your instructor will sharpen your flight skills and complete flight requirements in preparation for the check-ride. Your instructor will assist you in preparing for the oral portion of the test as well.

3. Is there an age limit for obtaining a Private Pilot rating? (what about max age?)

The Federal Aviation Regulations require an individual to be at least 16 years of age to operate an aircraft solo, and 17 years of age to obtain a Private Pilot certificate. There is not an age limitation on beginning flight lessons with a certified flight instructor. There is no maximum age for acquiring a private pilot certificate. Once someone gets this certificate, they may exercise the privileges of that certificate as long as they continue to get a medical certificate and a biannual flight review.

4. What is a medical certificate?

Every pilot must obtain a medical certificate in order to exercise the privileges of their pilot's license---there are three classes, 1 st (most stringent, and good for six months), 2 nd (good for one year and required for use with a Commercial rating), and 3 rd (good for three years if you are under 40, two years if 40 or older).

5. How many hours do I have to fly before I fly solo?

There is no requirement for hours before solo. This is based on the judgment of one's instructor.

6. Can I learn to fly in my own plane?


7. Do I have to be a pilot to purchase a plane?

No. Anyone may purchase an aircraft.

8. How do I learn to fly an aircraft that has a glass cockpit?

Almost every manufacturer of aircraft with glass cockpits can provide references for training, or the avionics provider may provide training.

9. What makes the Cessna CBI program better than other ground school training courses?

The Cessna Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) is the only truly integrated flight- training curriculum. By this, the curriculum is designed so that the student completes a lesson and then a flight lab that corresponds to that lessons. Therefore, the student progresses through the program and is able to associate the flying lab with what he/she just learned in the lesson.

There are other Computer-Based flight training programs on the market, but Cessna's Computer-Based Program is the only integrated flight training system available.

The CBI is designed specifically to be interactive - students use "drag and drop" and question and answer sessions to learn in a fraction of the national average. According to our own research , we are finding that Private Pilot completion times using the CBI product are in the low 50 hours range, compared to the national average of 65 – 70 hours. This is due to the benefits of the CBI integrated flight-training method.

10. Does the CBI program qualify as my ground school training?

Yes, it's the most complete course we know of. In fact, many Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 141 flight schools chose to become CPCs and use Cessna's CBI courses as their approved curriculum. In addition to covering the ground school, the CBI courses also cover the tasks you will perform on your training flights.

11. How long does it take to complete the CBI program?

If you consider that training is matched with completion of the Private Pilot course, it takes an average of 4 – 6 months.

12. What is the average length of time needed to obtain a Private Pilot rating?

On average, it takes about five months. You must complete a minimum of 40 hours of flight instruction (the national average is 75), and study to pass the written and oral exams (typically 40 hours of study material).

13. What is the average cost of obtaining a Private Pilot rating?

The cost varies by location and the type of aircraft used for training, but the average cost is between $6,000 - $8,000.

14. What is the average length of time required to obtain an Instrument rating?

This depends primarily on how frequently the student flies, but an average is three to six months.

15. What is the average cost of obtaining an Instrument rating?

The cost varies across the U.S., but the average cost is between $5,000 - $6,000.

16. What can I do with my Instrument rating?

With an Instrument rating, you may navigate by reference to aircraft instruments, or without reference to outside visual cues (Instrument Flight Rules, IFR).

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